Changing a data group definition - assure_mimix - 10.0

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These instructions assume that you know which parameters you need to change within a data group definition.


  • When a data group is part of an application group, it is strongly recommended that all data groups within the same resource group use the same values.

  • Some parameters cannot be changed with the Change Data Group Definition (CHGDGDFN) command. A conversion is required for any of the following:

  • Changing the value specified for the Number of DB apply sessions (NBRDBAPY) between multithreaded value and a numeric value.

Note: If a number is specified (single-threaded data group), you can change the number. If a multithreaded value is specified, you can change the value to another threaded value allowed by your product license.
  • Changing the value of any parameter that is a prerequisite for multithreaded database apply processing when the value of NBRDBAPY specifies a multithreaded value. This affects these parameters: Journal on target (JRNTGT), Use remote journal link (RJLNK), Cooperative journal (COOPJRN), most elements within the File and tracking ent. opts (FEOPT), and the Commit mode element and Target constraint management element of Database apply processing (DBAPYPRC).

For more information about conversions, see Conversion to and from multithreaded database apply processing.

  • Changing numeric values for Number of DB apply sessions (NBRDBAPY) or changing the value specified for the Apply session element of File and tracking ent. opts (FEOPT) is not effective until the data group is started with a start request to clearing pending entries (CLRPND(*YES)).

  • There is one scenario in which the value specified for the Target constraint management element of Database apply processing (DBAPYPRC) can be changed. Use F1 (Help) on the CHGDGDFN command for more information and requirements.

For information about command parameters, see Tips for data group parameters

To change a data group definition, do the following from a management system:

  1. From the Work with DG Definitions display, type a 2 (Change) next to the data group you want and press Enter.

  2. The Change Data Group Definition (CHGDGDFN) display appears. Press Enter to see additional prompts.

  3. Make any changes you need for the values of the prompts. Page Down to see more of the prompts.

  4. If you need to access advanced functions, press F10 (Additional parameters). Make any changes you need for the values of the prompts.

  5. When you are ready to accept the changes, press Enter.