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Data resource groups identify the data to be replicated within the application group. Use these instructions when you have existing data groups that need to be associated with a resource group in an application group. These instructions will load data resource groups into an application group by selecting data group definitions.

The Load Data Rsc. Grp. Ent. (LODDTARGE) command uses the names of the specified data groups when determining the names of the data resource group entries created. Data groups that have the same name for their three-part name will be assigned to the same data resource group entry. The name of each data resource group must be unique and will use the same name as its data groups. (For data groups of type *PEER, the resource group entry will be named ADMDMN.) If a data resource group entry already exists with the data group name or the name ADMDMN, a unique name is generated by concatenating up to the first five characters of the data group name, or ADMDMN, followed by the characters RGE. If necessary, a two character alphanumeric suffix is added to ensure its uniqueness.

Note: Most environments can use these instructions. However, some environments, such as those that perform bi-directional replication or that broadcast replicated data to multiple systems with data groups that do not have the same name, need to use the process described in Manually adding resource group and node entries to an application group.

Do the following to load data resource group entries for an application group:

  1. Enter the following command, specifying the name of the installation library:


    The Load Data Rsc. Grp. Ent. (LODDTARGE) appears.

  2. At the Application group definition prompt, specify the name of the application group.

  3. At the Data group definition prompt, specify the value you want. The value *ALL selects all available data groups within the installation. To have a smaller set of data groups associated with the application group, specify the name of one or more data groups. To see a list of the available data group names, press F4.

  4. To load the entries, press Enter.