Job replication requirements and limitations - assure_mimix - 10.0

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A switchable data group that supports system journal replication is required for replicating the jobs associated with replicated *JOBQ objects.

A data group object entry must be configured so that any *JOBQ objects identified for replication will also have their submitted jobs replicated. The entry must specify an Object type (OBJTYPE) of *ALL or *JOBQ and must specify *YES for Replicate jobs on job queue (REPJOB). Replication must be stopped and started to make configuration changes available.

When replication of jobs is configured and the object send (OBJSND) replication process is started, MIMIX checks the QAUDLVL system value for the presence of either *JOBDTA or *JOBBAS and, if necessary, will change QAUDLVL to add *JOBBAS to ensure that journal entries for job level auditing are placed in the system journal. This may result in more journal entries in the system (QAUDJRN) journal. MIMIX does not update the QAUDLVL system value to remove the *JOBDTA or *JOBBAS value if you later change configuration to no longer replicate jobs.

Note: Replication processes must be stopped and started to make the configuration changes available. MIMIX does not replicate jobs submitted before *JOBBAS is enabled on the QAUDLVL system value to enable T-JS journal entries. If the start data group request that makes configuration changes effective also changes the system value, all jobs matching the configuration that are submitted after the time stamp of the object sequence number specified on the start request are replicated. If the system value on the source system already is set to the correct value, the start data group request that makes configuration changes effective will replicate any journal entry for a submitted job that started after the time stamp of the object sequence number specified on the start request.

You need to ensure that all programs and all objects referenced on the job submission strings are available on the target node at the time of switch. One way to do this is to configure the information for replication by MIMIX.

If name mapping is in use and MIMIX submits a replicated job on the target node, MIMIX will attempt to map to the name of the called program or command. Any mapping to a more granular level for the job is not supported. In job programs and submission strings, it is preferable to use *LIBL instead of hard coding a library name.

Limitations: The following limitations exist:

  • Replication of jobs associated with job queues is not supported for Assure MIMIX DR.

  • Only replicated job queue (*JOBQ) objects are checked by audits. Jobs within replicated *JOBQ objects are never audited regardless of whether job replication has been configured.

  • Target journal inspection does not identify target system changes to replicated jobs.