Changing a data group configuration to use keyed replication - assure_mimix - 10.0

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You can define keyed replication for a data group when you are initially configuring MIMIX or you can change the configuration later. To use keyed replication for all database replication defined for a data group, the following requirements must be met:

  1. Before you change a data group definition to support keyed replication, do the following:

    1. Verify that the data group specifies a numeric value for the Number of DB apply sessions (NBRDBAPY) parameter.

      Note: If the NBRDBAPY parameter specifies a threaded value (*THDLOW, *THDMED, or *THDHIGH), the resource group with which the data group is associated must be converted to use single-threading using Checklist: Converting to single-threading. After the conversion is complete, you can continue with these instructions.
    2. Verify that the files defined to the data group are journaled correctly. Do not continue until this is verified.

    3. If the files are not currently journaled correctly, you need to end journaling for the file entries defined to the data group. Use topic “Ending journaling for physical files.

  2. In the data group definition used for replication you must specify the following:

    • Data group type of *ALL or *DB.

    • DB journal entry processing must have Before images as *SEND for source send configurations. When using remote journaling, all journal entries are sent.

    • Verify that you have the value you need specified for the Journal image element of the File and tracking ent. options. *BOTH is recommended.

    • File and tracking ent. options must specify *KEYED for the Replication type element.

  3. The files identified by the data group file entries for the data group must be eligible for keyed replication. See topic “Verifying Key Attributes” in the Assure MIMIX Operations book.

  4. If you have modified file entry options on individual data group file entries, you need to ensure that the values used are compatible with keyed replication.

  5. Start journaling for the file entries using Starting journaling for physical files.