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Assure MIMIX Administrator Reference
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The MIMIX set of products supports a unique configuration called Intra. Intra is a special configuration that allows the MIMIX products to function fully within a single-system environment. Intra support replicates database and object changes to other libraries on the same system by using system facilities that allow for communications to be routed back to the same system. This provides an excellent way to have a test environment on a single machine that is similar to a multiple-system configuration. The Intra environment can also be used to perform backups while the system remains active. You can have multiple Intra configurations in a MIMIX installation.

Intra is supported only in environments licensed for Assure MIMIX.

In an Intra configuration, the product is installed into two libraries on the same system and configured in a special way. An Intra configuration uses these libraries to replicate data to additional disk storage on the same system. The second library in effect becomes a "backup" library.

By using an Intra configuration you can reduce or eliminate your downtime for routine operations such as performing daily and weekly backups. When replicating changes to another library, you can suspend the application of the replicated changes. This enables you to concurrently back up the copied library to tape while your application remains active. When the backup completes, you can resume operations that apply replicated changes to the "backup" library.

An Intra configuration enables you to have a "live" copy of data or objects that can be used to offload queries and report generations. You can also use an Intra configuration as a test environment prior to installing MIMIX on another system or connecting your applications to another system.

Because both libraries exist on the same system, an Intra configuration does not provide protection from disaster.

Database replication within an Intra configuration requires that the source and target files either have different names or reside in different libraries. Similarly, objects cannot be replicated to the same named object in the same named library, folders, or directory.