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Use this checklist to change an existing configuration so that data groups will be associated with one or more application groups. The use of application groups is considered best practice.

Note: Procedures and steps control start, end, and switch operations for application groups and their associated data groups. Application groups do not support switching using implementations of MIMIX Model Switch Framework. Application groups cannot use model switch framework programs. Any automation included within model switch framework programs should be evaluated and considered for inclusion within corresponding procedures for application groups.

To convert an existing environment so that one or more data groups will be controlled by application groups, do the following:

  1. Analyze your existing model switch framework implementation. You may need to customize or create additional switching procedures or steps. For more information, see Customizing procedures. Contact your Certified MIMIX Consultant if you need assistance setting up your switching environment.

  2. Create the application groups to which you will associate the data groups using Creating an application group definition.

  3. Load the data resource group entries and nodes that define the association between application groups and data groups using Loading data resource groups into an application group.

  4. Identify what node (system) will be the primary node for each application group, using Specifying the primary node for the application group.

  5.    If you have automation programs, evaluate them for any needed changes. If you use automation programs to start and end individual data groups, you will need to update those automation programs. Best practice is to convert programs to use STRAG and ENDAG commands to switch application groups and their associated data groups. If you need to allow a data group associated with an application group to be started or ended individually through automation, you may need to update automation programs to specify a value for the DTACRG parameter on the STRDG or ENDDG commands. The DTACRG parameter’s default value *DFT will allow the requested command to run when the data group belongs to a data resource group with two nodes. However, the value *DFT prevents the requested command from running when there are three or more nodes. (In environments with more than two nodes, it is particularly important to treat all members of an application group as one entity when performing these operations.) To gain the benefits of procedures and steps, this type of customized automation should be converted to user-defined procedures.

  6. Customize the step programs that end and start user applications before and following a switch using Customizing step programs within shipped procedures.

  7. Once you have completed the preceding steps, start the application groups usingStarting an application group.