Changing saved configuration expiration - assure_mimix - 10.0

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If you have resource groups that were converted to multithreaded database apply processing, you can change when saved pre-conversion configuration data from that conversion process expires.

These instructions use menu options to invoke the Convert RG for Multithreading (CVTRG) command with values that affect only when the previously-saved information expires. You can either extend its expiration or make it eligible for immediate deletion.

If saved configuration does not exist for a resource group, a diagnostic message is issued.

Replication processes can be active when you perform this operation.

To change the expiration for any saved configuration data, do the following from a management system:

  1. From a command line, enter:

  2. From the Work with Application Groups display: type 34 (Change saved config retention) next to the application group and press Enter.

  3. The Convert RG for Multithreading (CVTRG) display opens with the preselected Option of *CHGEXP. The value *ALL in the Resource group prompt indicates that the change will apply to all resource groups in the application group that have saved configuration data. If needed, you can change the value to specify one or more specific resource groups.

  4. At the Number of days to save config. prompt, specify how long to save the configuration data from the current date. If you want to make the saved configuration data eligible for automatic deletion immediately, specify *NONE.

  5. Press Enter.

  6. When the command completes, the message “See the following messages for CVTRG results” appears at the bottom of the display.

a.Click on the message and press F1 (Help). Then press F10 (Display messages in job log).

b.You should see the one of the following completion messages. To display all information for a message, click the message and press F1.

LVI3926. No resource groups in application group name.

LVI392E. No specified resource groups in application group name use multithreading.

LVI392D. Expiration date changed for all specified resource groups.

LVE3519. Expiration date changed for changed-number of total-number resource groups.

LVI3934. Expiration date changed for changed-number of total-number resource groups.