Starting the system and journal managers - assure_mimix - 10.0

Assure MIMIX Administrator Reference

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Assure MIMIX Administrator Reference
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This procedure starts all the system managers, journal managers, target journal inspection jobs, and collector services. If the system managers are running, they will automatically send configuration information to the network system as you complete configuration tasks.

System and journal managers must be active to support replication. Journal inspection jobs support analysis functionality, and collector services is needed to use MIMIX from within the Assure UI portal, and to allow collection of historical statistics. For systems participating in an IBM i cluster with a Assure MIMIX Global license, this procedure also starts cluster services, which is needed to start replication.

Do the following:

  1. Access the MIMIX Basic Main Menu. See Accessing the MIMIX Main Menu.

  2. From the MIMIX Basic Main Menu press the F21 key (Assistance level) to access the MIMIX Intermediate Main Menu.

  3. Select option 2 (Work with Systems) and press Enter.

  4. The Work with Systems display appears with a list of the system definitions. Type a 9 (Start) next to each of the system definitions you want and press Enter. This will start all managers on all of these systems in the MIMIX environment.

  5. The Start MIMIX Managers (STRMMXMGR) display appears. Do the following:

    1. Verify that *ALL appears as the value for the Manager prompt.

    2. Verify that *YES appears as the value for the Target journal inspection and Collector services prompts.

    3. If you are configuring a cluster environment, press F10 (Additional parameters) and accept the value *YES for the Start cluster services prompt. If the specified system definition is not associated with an IBM i cluster or if the cluster does not exist, this value has no effect.

    4. Press Enter to complete this request.

  6. If you selected more than one system definition in Step 4, the Start MIMIX Managers (STRMMXMGR) display will be shown for each system definition that you selected. Repeat Step 5 for each system definition that you selected.