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Each MIMIX system must have the correct time zone (QTIMZON) and time (QTIME) system values set. If the time zone and time are not set correctly, it may cause issues when running procedures for application groups. For example, the procedure status time may display in the wrong order with incorrect times, which can make it difficult to work with the procedure, or a switch may be unable to complete.

Note: These system values are updated immediately, so timed jobs may be triggered when the values are updated. Therefore, you may want to schedule this change, if necessary, during a time with minimum scheduled jobs or during a planned outage when the system is in restricted state.

Verify that the QTIMZON system value is set with the correct value for the time zone in which the LPAR is intended to run. If a change is needed, you should immediately change the QTIME system value since the time of day is updated based on the new value entered in the QTIMZON system value. To change the system values, do the following:

  1. Set the correct time zone in QTIMZON.

    To determine the correct time zone when updating QTIMZON, you need to know:

    • The time zone name.

    • If Daylight Savings Time is observed. If Daylight Savings Time is observed, you must also know when Daylight Savings Time starts.

    In the TIME ZONE field in QTIMZON, you can press F4 for a list of time zones included with the system. A description of the time zones included with the system can be found at:

    For additional information about time zones, see the IBM Knowledge Center topic Time management concepts.

    Once set, the QTIME *SYSVAL immediately changes to reflect the new QTIMZON as if the previous QTIME value was the time in GMT.

  2. Set the system time (QTIME) to the correct time so that previously scheduled jobs do not repeat or get bypassed by the change in the QTIMZON value.