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Use this procedure on a management system to delete a system definition, transfer definition, journal definition, or a data group definition.

Attention: When you delete a system or data group definition, information associated with the definition is also deleted. Ensure that the definition you delete is not being used for replication and be aware of the following:

  • If you delete a system definition, all other configuration elements associated with that definition are deleted. This includes journal definitions, transfer definitions, and data group definitions with their associated data group entries. Journal definitions and RJ links associated with system managers are also deleted.

  • If you delete a data group definition, all of its associated data group entries are also deleted.

  • The delete function does not clean up any records for files in the error/hold file.

When you delete a journal definition, only the definition is deleted. The objects being journaled, the journal, and the journal receivers are not deleted. Journal definitions for internal MIMIX processes cannot be deleted by users.

To delete a definition, do the following from a management system:

Note: The following procedure includes using MIMIX menus. See Accessing the MIMIX Main Menu for information about using these.
  1. Ensure that the definition you want to delete is not being used for replication. Do the following:

    1. From the Work with Systems (WRKSYS) display, type option 8 (Work with data groups) next to the system that you want deleted and press Enter.

      The result is a list of data groups for the system you selected.

    2. Optional: Type a 17 (File entries) next to the data group and press Enter. On the Work with DG File Entries display, use option 10 (End journaling) to end journaling for files associated with the data group.

    3. Repeat Step b for additional data groups with files to end journaling on.

    4. From the Work with Data Groups display, use option 10 (End data group) next to all data groups for that system.

    5. Before deleting a system definition, ensure all managers for the system definition are ended. From the Work with Systems display, type a 10 (End) next to the system definition you want and press Enter.

    6. The End MIMIX Managers display appears. Specify the value for the type of manager you want to end at the Manager prompt and press Enter. The selected managers are ended.

    7. If using application groups, remove the node from the recovery domain. From the Work with application groups (WRKAG) display, take option 12 (Work with node entries) and then option 4 (Remove) to remove the system.

  2. From the MIMIX Main Menu, select option 11 (Configuration menu) and press Enter.

  3. From the MIMIX Configuration Menu, select the option for the type of definition you want and press Enter.

  4. The "Work with" display for the definition type appears. Type a 4 (Delete) next to definition you want and press Enter.

  5. When deleting system definitions, transfer definitions, or journal definitions, a confirmation display appears with a list of definitions to be deleted. To delete the definitions press F16.