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Assure MIMIX Administrator Reference
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MIMIX sends a variety of system message based on the status of MIMIX jobs and processes. You can view messages generated by MIMIX from either the Message Log window or from the Work with Message Log (WRKMSGLOG) display.

These messages are sent to both the primary and secondary message queues that are specified for the system definition.

In addition to these message queues, message entries are recorded in a MIMIX message log file. The MIMIX message log provides a powerful tool for problem determination. Maintaining a message log file allows you to keep a record of messages issued by MIMIX as an audit trail. In addition, the message log provides robust subset and filter capabilities, the ability to locate and display related job logs, and a powerful debug tool. When messages are issued, they are initially sent to the specified primary and secondary message queues. In the event that these message queues are erased, placing messages into the message log file secures a second level of information concerning MIMIX operations.

The message log on the management system contains messages from the management system and each network system defined within the installation. The system manager is responsible for collecting messages from all network systems. On a network system, the message log contains messages generated by MIMIX activity on that system as well as a data group’s related messages generated from the management system.

MIMIX automatically performs cleanup of the message log on a regular basis. The system manager deletes entries from the message log file based on the value of the Keep system history parameter in the system definition. However, if you process an unusually high volume of replicated data, you may want to also periodically delete unnecessary message log entries since the file grows in size depending on the number of messages issued in a day.